Ring Protocol
The RING governance token for Ring DAO
The RING governance token is collectively responsible for managing the Ring DAO.


RING's total initial supply is 1 billion. The minting capability is controlled by an appointed minter address (this is different from the Minter💰 role). The minter is originally set to the Ring DAO Timelock.
The code for RING is forked from the Uniswap UNI token, where 2% inflation cap is removed.
RING vs UNI diff


The Ring Core team wants RING to have a balanced and fair distribution between Community, Team, and Investors while prioritizing the Community. Tokens for Ring Core Team, Future Investors, and Community Development Fund are locked in LinearTokenTimelock.sol​
High-level RING distribution:
    40% DAO treasury
    15% Ring Core Team
    15% Future Investors
    10% Staking Rewards
    13% Community Development Fund
    6% Grants
    1% Initial DEX Offering
Medium announcement provides more details regarding the distribution.
Introducing Ring Protocol
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